Monday, June 21, 2010

Post Father's Day

It was father's day yesterday and it was an emotional one for me, being far apart from my Daddy. My Dad is 69 years old, still working - yes, you read it right, loves playing (and winning) golf, leads our church Deacons, loves gardening and planting trees, etc... There are 3 of u in the family with me being the middle child and first of 2 girls. I have always loved my dad despite his very protective nature and i know that he loves me so much.

I am married now for 1 year and 5 months to a wonderful man from the US - which is thousands of miles from where i originally come from, Manila. I miss home - my dad, mom, even our dog Chubby. It is difficult to be apart from people who we love dearly. As a physician, it scares me when i hear that they are sick and i couldn't be there. These are the struggles that i go through every now and then.

In all these, it is by God's grace that i can go through each day. Constantly entrusting to Him all my worries and fears. Each of us dread the day when our fathers and mothers will "go ahead" of us. But it is the inevitable fact of life. For the meantime, let us make the most of each day.. telling them that we love them and making them feel it as well. Let us make the most of what they teach us, because their wisdom is something that money cannot purchase.
Have a good day, my friend... Blessings to you and your father.

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