Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crochet 101 - Crocheted Beret hat

Hello, dear friends!
How are you?  It's officially fall in the US and pretty soon, temperatures will drop and we will start putting our warm clothes on our rack.  It will be my first white winter Christmas and im pretty excited.  Recently, i have found a new love!
I have enjoyed doing crochet when i was in gradeschool.  While some of my classmates asked their househelp or nanny's (Filipino's call them "Yaya") to do their projects, i enjoyed doing mine.  So, after so many years, i decided to give it a try once again. 
Thanks to my favorite craft stores and dear teachers at Youtube, i was able to make my first crocheted beret hat.  It took me a total of 12 hours, spread out in 2 days to finish this project.  I love it! 
I made this with my sister in mind.  I chose the color and the style specifically for her.  I am so excited to mail it to her and to see her use it when winter comes.   
My husband likes what i made and i will be making one for him too - a mans beany hat.  More about that next time.

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