Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Deco Clay] Air Dry Clay Roses

Hello friends!  I previously wrote about my new Martha Stewart kit - you can read about it HERE.
I asked the opinion of some of our guild members on using air dry clay and most of them stated that it cracks, can be friable and too delicate to work with.  The only way for me to find out was to try using it.

I can say that my experiment was very rewarding.
 I combined white and red clay to come up with a light pink color - the clays were easy to mix and a little red clay went a long way.  I formed tiny balls and gently formed the rose petals.  The flowers that I made took only a few hours to dry since they were small and  I intentionally made the edges thin to see if they were indeed friable.
When the roses were completely dry, the edges were soft and not easily torn.  I placed floral wire on each rose and covered it with floral tape.

I was able to make a dozen roses measuring 0.5 inches in diameter.  These roses came in handy as I wrapped my Mother's day gift to a dear friend.  I got 3 of the wired roses, joined them using floral tape and laid them on the abaca twine.

Ohhhh... how I love the shabby chic color palette.
I will make more and bigger flowers and make a nice bouquet out of it.

To all my readers who are mothers as well, I salute you!  Happy Mother's Day!

♥  Michelle  ♥

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I love these, they look beautiful.
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