Monday, July 15, 2013

[Color Chalenge] Color Challenge Reveal Day!

Hello Friends!
I just wanted to share with you the Color Challenge Reveal hosted by BrandiGirl  to celebrate the launch of her book Understanding Color
  You can read about my entry HERE.  The color palettes are so rich and the challengers did a wonderful job in bringing them to life.

This color palette makes me feel happy and reminds me of a warm, sunny, breezy and "easy" day.   

This palette is feels more"formal" to me.  Take a look at the gorgeous beadwork and stringing that these ladies did. 

 These are fun too!

Oh, Erin's bracelet really brought the palette to life in this one.  I have a limited variety of beads and she inspires me to stock up more in different shades and types.

I have never worked with this particular color palette and Cindy did a great job.  I love the nest.

And now for my favorite color palette.  Oh, I love the stones, the beadwork and construction of all these projects.  So fresh and calming.

Thanks to BrandiGirl for hosting the Color Challenge.

Have a wonderful day, ya'll.
♥  michelle 

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