Saturday, November 6, 2010

HA Quickcard4

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Today is a nice, cool, sunny and lazy Saturday. I browsed through flickr and what do you know? HA's Barb has a 90 minute scrambler challenge. It was my first time to join so with barely 35 minutes left, i grabbed my stuff. Her challenge was to make a Christmas card using flowers (emphasis on NO POINSETIAS ☺). So i grabbed my favorite flower stamp, friend definition background and punched pot. I love it! Then, i stamped the sentiment on gold paper and tada! My quickcard is done!
Next challenge for me was how to post it on the HA group and then to to the discussion board. All this computer and blogging hi tech terminologies are quite challenging to me so it took awhile before i could finally upload it on the discussion board. Geeez... i hope i made it on time.
That was fun. I never thought that being under time pressure could make my creative juices flow so fast. Hahaha... if it was like that everyday, i'd have tons of cards to upload.
Have a great weekend, my friend!

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