Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lacy scarf [MIL's 2010 Christmas gift]

Isn't it exciting to try something new?  It may be a new career, a new recipe, a new hobby, a new project and ohhhh... a new crochet pattern.  I was thrilled to see this so i made one for my MIL.  I love my MIL - she recently had total knee replacement of her left knee and is currently doing well and hopefully, she will be home with us before Christmas.  It was tough to see her in pain and get back to her feet one step at a time.  Imagine yourself learning to walk one step at a time as if you were a baby.  With God's healing and her perseverance, she will be back to her toes in no time.  

I made this wheat colored scarf for her.  It is below zero where we are and we try our best to bundle up and be warm.   Made with love, as always.  ☺♥☺

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I am Lea said...

Beautiful! Love it!