Saturday, January 1, 2011

Exploring new things for the new year [Field trip to Broadway Ave]

Happy New Year!
We started the new year by exploring a new place today.  We went downtown Chicago, along Broadway avenue and explored all sorts of Vietnamese delicacies, stores and even a patisserie.  It was a sunny, nice, cold with no snow since yesterday and windy day - we are in the windy city after all. 
There was one charming cafe, check our Ba Le
They served cute and declious looking french pastries, salads and meat products.  Next stop down the street was another pastry shop, click HERE: La Patisserie P.  It was a small bakeshop but with the amount of people who came in during the 15-20 minutes that we were there impressed upon us that they were well loved.  They had pan-de-sal (Filipino rolls), taro pastries, hopia, and even siopao which are foodstuffs from the Philippines.  Perhaps, they have a large Filipino following.
We tasted their taro roll.  It was crunchy, mashed taro with meat stuffing inside.  It was good and very filling too.
A few steps down the road led us to Tai Nam Market.  They had stores that sold beauty products and grocery/fresh produce.  For lunch, we went to a Thai place where we had:  Tom yung kung (my favorite), pad see yew, and cried beef.  It was my first time to try cried beef or tiger cried beef which is like 'beef salad':  beef with lettuce and basil leaves, topped with super chili sauce... yummy! 

After a hearty meal, we headed home.  What a great day to spend with my sis-in-law and cousin.  Guess what I had for dinner?

Pan de sal with ham and lettuce plus my Bigelow lemon ginger tea.  Delish!
I felt like it was my day off while my husband changed our sheets and did the laundry.  Thanks, butchok ♥!

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