Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saturday Mornings on aTuesday [Shop Scarves Giveaway]

We have been having snow and below zero wind chill in the Windy City since last week.  Fortunately, I was called on pedia nanny duties in sunny California for 2 weeks.
It's nice to bundle up during cold weather but I must admit that it's never easy to choose the right outfits and cold weather gear to wear.
Cabby Crafter is featuring Saturday mornings blog giveaway on this sunny Tuesday morning.
Saturday Mornings BLOG
Saturday Mornings is featuring Shop Scarves and is givingaway one of their shops Black scarf with rhinestones.  Here are some of Shop scarves beautiful warmies....

I love this periwinkle scarf 

These are just some of the items from Shop scarves Etsy shop.  Chek it out and have fun!
If you would like to win in this giveaway, visit Saturday Mornings' BLOG and join.
Happy Tuesday!

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K Andrew said...

Absolutely beautiful--and you are the perfect model--you are a doll!
Thank you so much for joining in our blog hop--looking forward to getting to know you!

Cricky Hugs & Chirps,
K Andrew