Friday, March 25, 2011

Jewelry Sneak Peak

You may have noticed that I have been off for a long hiatus from blogland.  Well, things have been quite busy since I began my vacation in my native land - after 10 months of anticipation, I was once again able to do my duties as a Medical Doctor.  I attended to several "oriental medical missions" and took care of my cute little patients. 

After all that work, I was able to put my attention into crafting.  It was nice to be a student once again as I learned the art of Jewelry making.  Oh, it was great!  We had several projects and I just can't wait to show you some of them.  Oh yeah, what a thrill!

More to come soon...
Happy beading!


Lili said...

oooh, i like that last photo. possible bib necklace?!?

Cabby Crafter said...

Oh yes, dear. I have a new obsession for beaded jewelry and clay. I've been busy studying here, there and everywhere... LOL