Sunday, February 12, 2012

Challenge of Music [Tesori Trovati Challenge]

Have you noticed that music plays a big part in setting our mood?
Picture yourself having dinner by candlelight with your loved one and a background music of soft tones and romantic melodies.  Or being in a fun party where '80's music is played.

Do you play music to set your crafting or creative mood? If you do, I have great news for you!

I will be participating in Erin of Tesori Trovati's Music Challenge. Join us in celebrating the Leap Year by blog hopping with us on February 29, 2012.

In her blog, Erin about a study done by a Psychologist from Cambridge University on Music and how it (almost) parallels our personality.
Watch this video clip to have an idea what it's all about:  Cambridge University:  "The Music in Me."

So come back on February 29 for a day fun and surprises!
There will be lots of music and music-inspired jewelry.  I can't wait to see and read what other jeweller-bloggers come up with.  It will be very interesting.
See you soon!  Have a safe, healthy and blessed week!

Happy crafting!


1 comment:

TesoriTrovati said...

It will be one heck of a great dance party, that's for sure! I am looking forward to seeing what song you chose and what you create!
Enjoy the day!