Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Baking] Crema de Fruta

What's your fondest memory of your Grandparent?  
Mine was enjoying a bowl of ice cream with my Lola who was my roommate for a long time before she passed away.

We honored our grandparents in Church last Sunday that was followed by a luncheon.  While others cued for the different viands, there were several who flocked to the dessert table... including me!  I love desserts especially those with creamy fillings.

I baked a cake for the first time in our not so new apartment and found out that the oven worked pretty well.
I baked "Crema de Fruta."  It's a sponge cake filled with fruits, cream and topped with gelatin.  When I was growing up in Manila, my mom would take home crema de fruta from Goldilock's bakery.  Yup, there's such a bakery in the Philippines.  

It was my first time to make it and oh my gosh... it was so tedious!  I started baking at 1030 am and finished at 2pm!  
There were several steps: 
1.  Bake the cake which was a sponge cake,
2.  Make the cream and custard,
3.  Assemble the layers of cake,
4.  Prepare the gelatin topping,
5.  Slice the fruits and arrange on top and finally, pour the gelatin mixture on the cake and refrigerate to harden, and the most difficult of all...
6.  Wash the kitchen utensils, beater, whisk, bowls, pans, measuring cups and spoons, etc.

(not to mention washing my hands several times in between to make sure everything is clean).

Crema de Fruita
All the hard work was replaced with happiness when peeps at church stood in line just to have a piece.  It was gone in a few seconds!  They told me it was good - not too sweet but delicious!

Not too bad for my first try.  I learned a lot in the process.
Next time, I won't use kiwi because it softens quickly and is "too wet."

Have you ever baked crema de fruta before?  How did it go?

♥  Michelle  ♥


Anonymous said...

hi michelle, it looks good! i remembered my nanay and how much she loved crema de fruta :) cant wait to see what you will bake next!

Anonymous said...

I think in Goldilocks they used cherries and peaches for toppings. But yours looked so colorful! I wish I was able to taste it. :)

Congratulations for a successful first try!