Saturday, January 26, 2013

[Bead Soup Blog Party 7] Let's get Cookin'!

Welcome back!

The time has come for you to sign-up if you want to join this awesome party hosted by Ms. Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog.

This is my third time to join and I'm as excited as the first time.  It's fun to meet creative and talented ladies!  The party has allowed me to become friends with these ladies beyond the parties.

I joined the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party in April 2012 where I was paired with Melissa Meman.
The bead soup that she sent was awesome!  I loved everything!  She made the metal focal, enameled beads and the wire-wrapped clasp.  The enameled beads in particular made me jot it down in my "to learn" things.
I loved designing the necklace.  The unused beads will see light one of these days.  Visit Melissa's BLOG see and read about her work.

This was was I sent Melissa - I made a floral focal bead using polymer clay and brass filigree.  
I love her design.

My second BSBP was in August 2012 where I was paired with Sonya Stille.  The bead soup that she sent was gorgeous!  She sent enameled beads and a metal leaf that she did herself.  Read more about it HERE

The focal bead was made of polymer clay using the mica shift technique.  Sonya is very good at seed beading - don't you just love what she did?  Visit Sonya's BLOG.

So what are you waiting for?  You have until tomorrow, January 27 to sign-up.
Get those beads ready and let's parteeeee!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Michelle ♥

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