Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Jewelry] Twisted Pearl and Crystal Bracelet

Welcome back!
Two years ago, I wrote a tutorial using these curved metal spacers, pearls, and crystal bicones. 
 Here is a new "twist" to that tutorial.

Materials to make one 7.5 inch bracelet:
1.  Flexible beading wire - you may need 12 to 15 inches depending on how much extra wire you can spare for the project ☺.
2.  Fifteen (15) curved metal spacers.  You can find it HERE.
3.   Fifteen (15) 8mm Swarowski pearls
4.  Thirty (30) 4x3 mm Red rondelle crystals
5.  Two (2) crimp beads
6.  Clasp

1.  Insert the flexible beading wire to one end of a crimp tube, clasp and back to the crimp tube.  Crimp.
2.  With the curved spacer bead in the "C" position, insert wire to the top part from the back.  Add a rondelle, pearl and rondelle and insert to the bottom.  Please refer to the photo below.  Make sure it is snug but not too tight.
3.  Repeat the same order 15 times.  If the flexible wire twists on itself, you can hold the piece lengthwise in order for it to untwist (such as in the large photo below).  I figured that it eases any tension on the wire brought about by excessive pulling and makes the bracelet flow smooth.
4.To finish the bracelet, insert wire to a crimp tube, clasp and back to the crimp tube. 
5.  Trim the excess flexible beading wire.

Try combining pearls with other beads or use a different clasp.

 Now, it's time to iron my white or maybe red dress.
See you again soon!



CraftyHope said...

I see it with a simple black dress!

This is a really cool design. Thank you for sharing it with us!

becca said...

Hi! I'm fascinated by this bracelet. What a great design! Where did you find those curvy silver beads?
Love this!