Monday, April 15, 2013

[Sweets] Crave Cupcakes Houston Tx

Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to me!

Psalm 28:7
"The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him and I am helped;
Therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him."

Today is my birthday and I feel so blessed!
A friend and sister-in-faith of mine gave me these beautiful tulips and a couple of premium movie tickets. Lovely!  I love tulips when they're not in full bloom yet.  Our coffee table is oh so happy!
Beautiful tulips to celebrate my birthday and also to  remember the people hurt in Boston today.

Lunch was with hubby and our mentors.... Thai Spice buffet.  Yum!
Dinner was at Azuma Sushi and Robata bar... more on that next time.

And the highlight of my day was the dessert!  
I am fascinated by how cute "modern" cupcakes look with their thick frosting and toppings.  I usually scrape off the icing and try the cake to see how moist and delicious it is.

Today, I tried CRAVE cupcakes of Houston.  I've heard good raves about it so I had to try it out.
The store is pretty, bright and clean.  You can watch the staff decorate the cupcakes and be mesmerized by the rows of beautifully decorated sweeties.
Crave Cupcakes
5600 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77005
We got 4 flavors:  Coconut, German Chocolate, Crave Chocolate & Cream, and Red Velvet.
All I can say is:  THEY. WERE. YUMMY!
(Take not of the past tense - "were")

It was a wonderful and blessed day for me.  
However, I also mourn for the family of the people who died and were hurt in the Boston bombing that happened this afternoon, during the Boston Marathon.

May the good Lord bless and keep you, my friend.
♥  Michelle  ♥

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