Friday, April 12, 2013

[Focus on Life Week 15]: Aged Beauty

It's Week 15 of Ms. Sally Russick's Focus on Life:  "Aged Beauty."
Finding a piece to photograph was challenging because I left most of my old stuff back home until I saw the 2 violins that my sister-in-law and her husband gave me last Christmas.  
I thought, "Oh yeah... those definitely fit the category of aged beauty."  These were his when he was a little boy - I think he was really into it because he had 2 of different sizes.  

They need a little makeover and fine tuning but they look gorgeous to me as it is.

I made this collage to show you the detail and craftsmanship that it took to make these beauties.  Take a look at the beautiful inlaid mother of pearl on the bow.  One of them was a "handmade copy of Antonius Stradivarius" made in April 1978.  Wow... 35 years ago.

Check out the leather case behind...  lovely!
I don't play the violin but I'm surrounded with children who play really well.  I'm a big fan of our Pastor's daughter who is part of the orchestra and chamber in her school... oh my, those kids are dedicated!  Maybe one day, I will be able to hold the bow and make a crisp note.  Good luck to me.

Oh, I wanted to share with you what I made for our Philippine Polymer Clay Guild Challenge that was about surface treatments.  I covered a glass container:  the cover with millefiori canes and the body with textured clay and mica powder.  I also added LP's foil, alcohol inks, acrylic paint and TLS.

Head over to Ms. Sally's blog to see the other gorgeous photos.  Click HERE.
Happy weekend, ya'll.
See you soon!
 Michelle  ♥


Claire said...

violins just beg to be photographed, don't they? so many great shots from many different angles! a great post!
have a wonderful week :)
no. 21

Islandgirl said...

The lines on violins etc... are so elegant... and for some reason no-one has seen fit to change the lines on most clasic instruments! I guess there are somethings that just need to be left alone!

Courtney said...

Your shots of the violins are stunning! I love the detail!

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh those are beautiful violins! and you can tell they had much love :)

Shel said...

LOVE the violins. Your photos are incredible, too. I posted my Dad's old violin for this week's prompt. My sis has the one in our family that is a handmade copy of a "Stradivarius" - her's is either right close to or over 100 years old - it's amazing!!

Janet Bocciardi said...

The lines on violins are so beautiful. You captured them wonderfully!

glassbead, isinglass design said...

Those violins are beautiful! What a lot of amazing work. I really like the lid of your covered jar- very cool.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Michelle,
Beautiful violin and beautiful jar.

Beti Horvath said...

Love your photos. The violins must have been much loved and taken care of!

Patty Woodland said...

The violins are just lovely. Your jar shows so much work.