Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Baking] Caramel Cake with Hydrangea Flower Icing for Grandparent's Sunday

We are celebrating Grandparent's Day today!
Here's a short summary on how it came to be.

As a tribute to them, I made this Caramel Cake decorated with hydrangea flowers.  
Caramel Cake with Hydrangea Icing
Oh, I had a lot of fun making this cake.  I love hydrangeas - they are colorful, delicate and so pretty to look at.  
It was my first time to make them and I think they turned out dainty and beautiful.  

I went to this site to learn how to make them.  Look at how pretty these cupcakes by Glory are.  
Hydrangea Cupcakes by Glory
I'm more into cakes than cupcakes but I would like to do this in my next cupcake project.  

May your week be filled with color and God's abundant blessings!
♥  michelle  

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