Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Tea Party] Polymer Clay Floral Heart Pendant and Caramel Cupcakes

One Sunday, one of my little friends invited me to her 
Afternoon Tea Party to celebrate her birthday.  
She said "I'm gonna have a tea party and I'm inviting 8 of my friends.. and I'm gonna invite you!"  Awwww... I was happy that she did and I went all out in preparing for it.  LOL. 

Oh, it was fun to be around little friends who have very high-energy.  It was fun hearing their giggles and see their wacky ways. 

She has a beautiful and unique name so I made her a personalized floral heart pendant inspired by RockyBeads.  She is into the color "pink" these days so I made a pink ombre pendant that had her name on the back.
Polymer Clay Floral heart necklace and Caramel Cupcakes
♥  Doesn't the butler on the background look so handsome?  ♥

A "modern" tea party is not complete without cake so I made these caramel cupcakes with pink (naturally) flowers.  The cupcakes were soft and light with the right amount of sweetness.

Happy birthday, my dear little friend!  
I pray that you would grow to be a woman that is 
loved and blessed by God.

Have a wonderful day!
♥  michelle  

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