Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mr. Cabby Crafter's Project

Mrs. Cabby Crafter loves to do stuff like handmade cards, jewelry, polymer clay beads and crochet.
She never really had a place to do her crafts and would use her hubby's computer table
or set-up 1 or 2 portable tv dinner tables.
Mr. Cabby Crafter felt so sad for her.

A couple of weeks ago, they went to one of their favorite stores, IKEA, to buy her a table. 
There were so many choices but with dimension issues to consider,
they finally decided on getting a Bjurista table with the retractable side panel.
This gift made her feel so special.

One Sunday afternoon, Mr. Cabby Crafter decided to add shelves.
He grabbed some wood, screws and glue then put it all together.
The variety of powertools in his workshop awed her
especially when the piece was finished in just under 2 hours.

After the piece was sanded, stained and dried, it was ready to use!
I love how he designed it such a way that I can put the mostly used containers within my reach.
There are still stuff under the table for my other gadgets and storage bins but I am happy.
This is totally my craft corner for now...
though I am wishing that I would have 4 spacious craft corners pretty soon.
Happy crafting!

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