Friday, August 12, 2011

...Of cards, rubber stamps, inks and more

It's almost mid-August and for us who love making handmade cards and things, it's time to think and start making them.  My in-laws and I started our first cardmaking session for this year.  It was nice to open my stock of stamps, paper and inks once again after a long hiatus.
I worked on a slow pace but I'm happy that I was able to come up with 2 cards: a 'birthday' and a 'missing you' card. It was a good start.
 There is a lot of thought and effort in making handmade cards, gifts and goodies. 
So the next time someone sends or gives you one, be very thankful and try to appreciate their work.  Remember that you are given something uniquely handmade.
 To my fellow crafters, keep on making them.  As I always say,
"May your creative juices overflow!"
Happy crafting!

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