Monday, September 12, 2011

Macho Crafting

My husband and I have been visiting craft stores together for the past 3 weekends. 
We walk holding each others' hand towards the store entrance and then... we go our separate ways. 
It's nice that these stores have items for men too.  My husband, being the ex marine and handyman that he is, loves assembling model cars and trucks.  During trip to the store, he bought not just 1 but 2 tanks and lots of Apple Barrel craft acrylic paint. 

With the numerous paints that he bought, of course he needed a hardcase and wow... he found and bought an Artbin sidekick case.  Ayayayyy... it made me so envious so after flashing my puppy eyes, he bought me one too for my clays and tools.

He was working on the tank last weekend when I caught him scouring through my tools.   Aha!
Being the supportive and loving wife that I am, I told him to use my jewelry tweezers, diagonal cutters, knife and my self-healing craft mat.
Would you believe that he even made a lazy daisy to use for spray painting?
Awesome!  Perhaps he could make one for me too.

Definitely fun!

"The couple that crafts together stays together."

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