Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bake some and Get more!

Have you ever been to a cookie swap?

A friend of mine invited me to their 8th Annual Cookie Swap
Their swap began when her group of friends thought of baking cookies and exchanging them with others. 
She said some cookies were simple and some were really fancy.  They had so much fun that they did it the following year and the next making this year their 8th!
Since then, the group has increased in size as more and more friends and friends of friends attend.
I was so happy to be part of it - baking and all.  It was totally fun! 

The rules were simple:  Bake 4 dozens of cookies of any variety from scratch but no chocolate chip cookies.  I'm a big fan of chocolate chip cookies but yeah... it was nice to taste and be a fan of something else.

There were over 20 varieties of cookies and each of us got 2 pieces of a kind to put in our pink box.

There were a couple of interesting cookies - mainly because it was my first time to encounter such.
Pfeffernuse which is a German Christmas cookie made with molasses and honey.
Rugelach which literally means "little twists" are rolled cookies that are of Jewish (Polish) origin.
Strawberry preserve Kolaczki, a Polish jelly-filled cookie
Italian Pizelle which are Italian traditional wafer cookies.

Here is an incomplete list of what we had (hihihi.. Icouldn't decipher the blurred labels in my photos):
Potato chip cookies - Date nut adventures - Chocolate toffee shortbread
Oatmeal yogurt cranberry cookies - Coffee bonbons - Noche buena chocolate sandwich cookies
Coconut lemon stars - Coconut lime bark - Double chocolate drop stars
White chocolate cranberry macadamia nut

It was nice to meet new friends - some have been avid bakers for a long time and some were just beginners. 
The food was super delicous too that we didn't have room to eat cookies.
We were given a pink box where we placed 2 cookies of each kind. 
It was cookie frenzy!

Cookie frenzy!  Here's my Sweet and Tangy lemon cookies and my box of cookie stash.
Lots of cookies to try out!
I made Sweet and Tangy Lemon Cookies - the recipe that my mom got from our friend in Australia.  I love this cookie especially when it's warm and soft inside.  The lemon adds a lot of flavor and it really goes well with coffe or tea.

Now that we have all these variety of cookies, it's time to make some warm tea and coffee and share it with hubby.
Tomorrow, we start our diet and exercise.  Or maybe a week from today.

Looking forward to the 9th Annual Cookie swap.

Have fun!