Thursday, December 8, 2011

CF Art Swap

One of the polymer clay artists that I truly admire is the talented and quirky Ms. Christi Friesen (CF).
She recently held an Art Swap on her website and I joined!  Yay! 
 It was my first time to do participate in such a fun activity.

Her challenge was to "Create anything using polymer clay and at least one found object (you can use more found objects of course, and you can add any other accents/embellishments to your piece!) Make your piece no less than 1” and no more than 4”."

This was my entry:  "Floral Swirl Pendant."

The pendant was made using several colors of Premo sculpey that was conditioned, textured and sculpted to make a flower.  Mica powder was added to finish the design.
My "found objects" were gold wire and a washer.  I love adding swirls to my designs as you can see here.

The pendant hangs from a 16" brown double leather cord with a 2" extender chain.
A pinback was likewise added so that it can be used as a brooch.

This has been an exciting experience for  me.
I can't wait to receive CF's Swap original dragon dude (as she calls it) and my Art Swap partners work.

There were many wonderful works that were submitted.  Check out CF's website:

Happy claying!

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