Monday, January 2, 2012

Yay for Wire Crochet! [Book: "Wire Jewelry" by Chrissie Day]

A BLESSED YEAR 2012 to you all.
Welcome back to The Cabby Crafter's blog.

One of my goals this year is to learn & relearn techniques and what better way to start than by reading a book on Wire Jewelry by Chrissie Day.  I do yarn crochet and have been fascinated by the intricacy of this artform done in wire.

Wire crochet utilizes the same stitches as with yarn crochet however, it is more challenging for the hands.  After practicing the stitches using fine gauged wire, I decided to add beads - actually, just a bead.
I used a round light blue ceramic bead.
This piece may be used as a pendant, brooch or as an element for a nice jewelry.
It measures 37mm or ~1.5 inches.  I love how it turned out.
Just like other techniques, wire crochet can be addicting too but in my case,
I think if I do this regularly, it would be only once a week.  I need to give my fingers some lovin.'
There might be some special gloves for wire crochet work out there.  If none, I might have a chance to invent and have my own patented jewelry &wire crochet gloves.
Now that's a truly wired idea!

Be crafty and never be crabby.
Materials: and Tools:
24 gauge artistic wire
Crochet hook
Ceramic bead - 14 mm in diameter
Wire cutter
Flat nose plier
Nylon Jaw pliers

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