Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Tools] Oxo Good Grips V Blade Mandoline Slicer

It always amuses me when I watch a person demonstrating something in the mall or grocery store.  They make it look so easy!  I remember watching one lady do a demo about a slicer and from that moment on, I decided that I will buy one someday.  That someday is today - I bought an Oxo Good Grips V Blade Mandoline Slicer.  

There were a couple of expensive mandolines available but I couldn't imagine myself buying something worth $79 for slicing.  I love to bake and cook and it does speed up preparation time but for my purpose, I am ok with this one.

I think the designs of mandolines nowadays have changed.  They have more features like safety lock, compact design - no space wasted (love that!), adjustable thickness setting, etc.  Cool.

I haven't actually tried it yet - it's almost weekend and we don't have vegies left in our ref anymore. LOL.

Have you used one of this or do you own one?  
If so, do you like it?

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