Monday, August 5, 2013

[WIP] My Clay Fantasy Polymer Clay Inchies

Welcome back!
Do you remember the Polymer clay Inchies that I made for the Phil. Polymer clay guild last year?  That time, we were asked to do 4, but I ended up doing 8 because the first batch got lost in the mail.  
Read more about it here.

This time, I made 2 sets of 12 equals 24!
Oh yeah... Crazy fun!

I finished making it tonight however, I can't reveal these cute little ones yet.  I made 2 different sets with the using 2 different canes and techniques.  

These will be revealed sometime in soon.  I just have to mail them this week so they could be received by August 16 for sure.  

See ya!
♥  michelle  ♥

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