Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Wilton Wednesday] Basic 1 Course Graduation

Yesterday was the last day of our Wilton Basic Decorating Course and I had a blast!  I've been reading and browsing through books and magazines for tips and tricks on how to improve my skills but nothing beats taking an actual class, interacting with a teacher and fellow students.

This was my final decorated cake project.
I decided to use a 9" x 4" round mock cake.

I bought the Wilton concentrated icing gel color and used red, green and blue.  I didn't use much hence the pastel hues which turned out pretty to me but may be too dainty for others.  
It's a cake for a baby shower or a shabby chic tea party.

I sent a photo of the cake to a friend who was celebrating her 16th birthday (mind you, pink is not her favorite color) and she politely replied "The cake looks nice...."  My husband and I giggled about it.

So what did I learn?
I learned... 
how to make buttercream {mine lasted 4 weeks of class}
how to properly crumb coat and ice a cake
how to dispose of leftover buttercream 
(throw it in the garbage, not in the sink)
how to make different borders and flowers
how to use different techniques in writing messages
how to have more friends by taking a class or having a new hobby
it takes practice to make the perfect rose
and a lot more!

Cheers to baking!

Let's eat cake!
♥  michelle  

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