Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[Christmas] HPCG 2013 Party

The Christmas season is filled with parties left and right and I am loving it!  The HPCG had our Christmas party this past Sunday hosted by the gracious Ms. SP.  I brought home made Chicken Enchiladas.  We had fun exchanging and stealing gifts - there were a couple "hot items" that were a hit!

I gave these:  LP's Magic Gloss, a set of bezels and a mother-of-pearl pendant/brooch.

I initially picked up a set of Lumierre inks but it was "stolen" from me.  LOL.  I ended up picking a book:  "How to Make Polymer Clay Beads" by Linda Peterson.  It's just what I need.

Until next year!  Now I'm off to more parties!
♥  michelle  ♥

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Silver Soul Girl said...

Ooooh, chicken enchiladas!
Looks like you ladies had fun! Lovin' your boots!