Friday, December 27, 2013

[Flashback] June and July 2013: Service, Sports and Recreation

Part of the group from our church
We are looking back on June and July today.  Wow.. time flies, huh?!

The month June brought us another opportunity for service through "Lving Houston."  

Our church was among those who volunteered and we were assigned to clean Olivewood Cemetery which was the first black cemetery in Houston. 

There no burials there anymore, the last was in the 1960's.  It is poorly maintained and seems to be neglected.  The area was huge with only 1 caretaker and limited equipment and resources.  He was a nice man and he felt so blessed to have people come and trim and clean up whatever we can.

July was the start of Mr. C's volleyball tournament.  Saturday after Saturday, we rallied and cheered their team.  It was their first tournament and they won 1st runner-up.  They did really well in competing with other teams who were very good as well.  

It was this time that I learned how to cook (and not to cook) Rice congee or Arroz caldo.  LOL.  We used 12 cups of rice and a lot of water / broth which still ended up sticky.  It was a blessing though because I was able to "re-do" the soup the next day that served more people after the church service.  

It was also in July that Mr. C volunteered to be a teacher in our Vacation Bible School.  Oh, he had fun with the children.

My craft room was busy this month.  The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild had our challenge on Mosaic where I made a "Hope frame."  I also joined the Challenge of Color for BrandiGirlBlog (green rectangle pendant).  There were other challenges this month  such as the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop and Studio Sublime's Focus on Life.

See those round pendants?  Oh yes, I got a bit obsessed with fabric.  LOL.  
Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for visiting Cabby Craft.
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