Sunday, December 15, 2013

[Food] Christmas Tree Butter Sugar Cookies

My husband told me today that I should not overdo myself with cooking and baking.  Well, that remark stems from my obsession for making cookies this Christmas season. LOL.  There are many online  bakers across the internet but it is SweetAmbs that has inspired me the most - her works are so neat and perfectly made!

I made this batch of butter sugar cookies for our church luncheon - the cookie was soft and delicious and I am pleased to report that my icing looks better now.  I used Wilton gel color in leaf green and red.

See those photos on the the bottom left and center of the collage?  Oh yes... my husband made them for me.  He recycled our packaging boxes and stuffed it with shredded paper.  He did a good job in  making it,  and with correct / accurate measurements (just as an Engineer should).  LOL.

The cookies were sealed and wrapped in a Treat Bag, and hung on the tree using double sided-tape.  Oh, they turned out nice - very bright and colorful!  

The star was printed from a Word document - print, cut and glue two stars together, leaving one open (so you can insert it at the top of the tree).

He was able to make 2 trees (one is smaller) and they were used to decorate the dessert table.

Are you busy cooking or baking this holiday season?  Here's my 2 cents worth:  Don't forget to rest, lest you pour more flour than called for.  Have fun in what you're doing - that would make it taste better and sweeter.

Have a wonderful and blessed week, my friend!
♥  michelle  

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