Monday, December 23, 2013

[Flashback] February 2013: Firsts of Many

February 2013 brought many "Firsts" for us.  
 My dear husband was chosen to be one of the godfathers of this cute little baby.  
 Tried out Joe's Crab Shack on Valentine's Day.   Yummy to the tummy.  ♥
 I won 1st Place in our Department's Chili Cook-off.  Yay!  ♥

 Well, I made a several cards for family and friends this month (which is also a first).  
 I also tried making an Origami heart card for my husband for Valentine's day.  

 My necklace was featured in Art Bead Scene's monthly Challenge tour.  
Hmmmm.... I'd like to join more challenges in 2014.  That would be another "First" for me.  LOL.

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