Friday, January 17, 2014

[Food] Celebrating 5 at "Underbelly"

Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary (cue in "Your Everything" by Keith Urban) and we are just grateful to God for giving us another year with each other.

Five years seemed to have gone so fast and now it's time for a C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N!  We went to "Underbelly Houston" to discover the "story of Houston Food."  The restaurant is owned by Executive Chef Chris Sheppard who is also Food and Wine's 2013 Best New Chef.  

We loved how they decorated the place because it was spacious and homey.  They added the a lot of wood panel that reminded me of our place in Manila.  Their wall features other local establishments such as Korean and Vietnamese restaurants to show how diverse Houston's restaurant world is.  The kitchen is open to guests so you can see the chefs prepare what they do best.  The shelves were full of jars of picked vegetables, sauces and stuff to fill your pantry.
with Exec. Chef Chris Sheppard of Underbelly Houston
And now, for the good stuff.  

We tried the Korean Braised Goat and dumplings which is one of their more popular appetizers.  It was delicious!  The meat was so tender with a hint of spice and the dumplings were soft with a bit of crunch.  The portion size was enough for both of us but if you're with a bigger group, you'd have to order more.  It's served family style so order several kinds to share with the group.

I got the Vietnamese Stew with Beef, Carrots and rice noodle.  The soup was thicker than the traditional pho and the beef was very tender.  Mr. C got the UB smoked burger which was really good.  The beef patty and thick slices of onions  topped with cheese was just yummy!

We didn't finish our main course because we had to leave space for dessert.  I got the Vinegar pie, salt brittle.  Be prepared to tickle your taste buds with this dessert that combines sweet, salty and sour in one bite (I know you are starting to drool right now).   

He got the Meyer pound cake, kissel, sezamki and butter ice cream.  The whaaaaat?  I've never heard of kissel only to find out it's an Eastern European dessert of crushed berries that have been thickened with starch.  Sezamki on the otherhand is a Polish candy dessert using sesame seeds and sugar.  It's similar to peanut brittle or "bandi" in the Philippines.  

Well, we were able to meet, chat and shake hands with Chef Chris who was very friendly and accommodating.  We had a good experience and would definitely return to try their dinner menu.  The price of their lunch menu ranged from $7 - $16 with desserts at $4 and $9.

Oh, the price of good food, great company and cherished memories. 

We definitely left with our bellies satisfied and our hearts filled with joy.  
♥  michelle  ♥

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