Wednesday, January 8, 2014

[Shopping] Peter Pauper Press and Moleskine Journals

When I was in my teens, I kept a notebook, a diary or as it is popularly called today, a journal.  It was nice to read my silly stories and crazy antics years later.  I missed that and thought I should start one.  Then, I saw Ms. Lori's blog which  inspired me to act and work on it.  LOL.  She shared Five Year journals with her lucky readers - I wasn't one of the lucky ones so I bought my own.

Mr. C and I made a trip to Barnes and Noble today where I bought a couple... well, 4 different kinds to be exact.  I love notebooks - spring or bound, cheap or expensive, I love 'em all especially the pocket-sized ones.

This journal shown below is from Peter Pauper Press:  "Cherry Trees Journal."    
"Richly-hued cover image by Japanese artist Hiroshige II Utagawa is made extra luminous with iridescent and glossy highlights. Raised embossing is pleasing to the touch."   The photo doesn't show it well but the tree trunk and flowers are embossed... so nice to touch!  The pages are lightly lined and the binding allows the it to lay flat to make it easier to write on.
Peter Pauper Press "Cherry Trees Journal"
 While browsing through the Moleskine shelf at B&N, I saw this Passions Recipe Journal.
Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal
It was $19.99 AND I really needed it, right?  It had tabs for appetizers, main course, desserts and even cocktails.  Each page has an outline where you can write your own magical recipes.  Cool, huh?  I copied recipes from my mom's cookbook in regular pad paper so re-writing then will keep me busy the next few days.

Let me encourage you to write or keep notes, my friend but please write and keep track of the good things more than the bad.  If you do write about a bad story or experience, share how good it turned out in the end.

I remember the photo in my Dad's office of a rabbit sitting in the grass that says, "May my words be sweet and tender... for tomorrow I may have to eat them."

Have a blessed day!
♥  michelle  ♥

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