Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half and half

Allow me share with you a friends post regarding todays date (June 30, 2011):  "2011 is already halfway over! Or half left. Or leftover"

What a nice play of words, don't you think?  But really, depending on how you look at it: 
-  half of the year is over and / or half of the year is still to come
-  half of the year was wasted and / or half of the year is full of things to be done
-  half of the year was full of trials and / or half of the year is beaming with hope
-  half of your yearly planner is wrinkled and / or half of it is yet to be touched
The list goes on and on.  

Gone are the days when we wish we could've done or said things another way.  Tomorrow is yet to come.  We got 6 months to do what we should so let us not procastinate and get moving! 

There is no mountain too high or a fortress too strong that we cannot conquer.

Be blessed, friends!