Thursday, June 14, 2012

[Tejae Floyde] Encased Hearts

Hello friends!  I have been a fan of Tejae Floyde for a long time.  I adore her encased hearts and when I came across her class in CraftEdu last year, I wanted to enroll but it never happened until 2 days ago.
CraftEdu is a website that offers tutorials in several fields including jewelry, fiber, wood, fine art and of course polymer clay.  They feature many great teachers and their tutorials are well structured.

Tejae's "Encased Hearts" class was fun.  The video and the handouts were very helpful.  
I carefully followed Tejae's instructions, took out my inks and paints and voila!
I love how soft and nicely blended the colors are.
Join her class to see how nice and fun this project is.

Let me show you my first encased heart:  "You are loved."  The reverse side of the heart says:  
"John 3:16" which reads
'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that
whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.'

You are loved, my friend!
♥  Michelle  ♥

Monday, June 11, 2012

[P3] May Challenge: ATC Inspirations

The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild had its 1st ATC Swap today and it was fun!
The participants were asked to create 3 Artist Trading Cards 
measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches inspired by a polymer clay Artist.

These were my entries:
"The Renaissance" - this ATC was inspired by Ms. Lisa Pavelka.  
I used one of the images in her Waterslide Transfers and sealed it with Sculpey translucent liquid clay.  It was my first experience to use such medium incorporated in my work.   I laid the image on an ecru/pearl polymer clay mix and added petals and leaves.  I used acrylic paint in burnt umber to distress the piece.  
Finally, I sanded and buffed both sides of the ATC.
"The Renaissance"

 I call this next piece is "Tapestry" and was inspired by Ms. Julie Picarello 
and her book "Patterns in Polymer."  
I used one of the color combinations in her book.  Her techniques make use of mokume gane and I made my own modifications.  After slicing the clay thinly as, I layered it on conditioned black clay.  I added texture using a texture mold before baking.  Gold acrylic paint was added to highlight the image after which the piece was sanded and buffed.

 This next ATC is "Flora" that was made using Donna Kato's component caning technique.
I layered the petal canes on a leaf green base and added yellow extruded clay.
The background texture was free-handed and accented using gold acrylic paint.

There were about 15 participants and we had to comment "MINE" in Faceboook on 3 different photos at a designated time.  All the cards were beautiful and very creative - some whimsical and charming.
I am totally excited to receive 3 special creations from different Filipino artists who are making their mark in the world of polymer clay.  My "guild mates" are all inspirations to me.

Can you believe that it's almost mid-June already?

Happy crafting!
 Michelle  ♥