Monday, October 28, 2013

[Challenge] P3 September 2013 Challenge: "Under the Sea"

I am a member of the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild where we have Challenges every now and then.  Last September 2013, our challenge was:  "UNDER THE SEA."  The challenge was to create a project inspired by the sea and participants were given a choice on using 100% polymer clay or mixed media.
Philippine Polymer Clay Guild
 This was what I made:
"Pearly Shells"

This pearly shell from the ocean focal piece measures 3 inches.  I made use of the silk-screened background of sea shells that I did during the Lone Star Retreat(c/o Ms. Karen Wood).  I added sculptured corals, Mr. Crabby, barnacles, bubbles and a treasure chest filled with gold and pearls. What lies under the sea is a mystery and to echo Ariel, it's a whole new world.  
This focal piece was made from 100% Premo Sculpey clay.
See you soon!
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Challenge] Polymer Inchies

Hello friends!  A couple of months ago, I shared with you the INCHIES that I made for a swap hosted by Ms. Tonja Lenderman.  We were asked to make 12 inchies per group and since I joined 2 groups, I made 24 inchies.

This first set of polymer clay inchies shows my love for floral themes.  The base is Premo sculpey in Ecru that was measured, cut, baked and cooled and layered with a mixture of green Premo sculpey that I textured.  The floral cane was made from Premo sculpey in white, yellow, and translucent that I sliced thinly to form the petals.  I added an orange shaded clay in the center.  Finally, each piece was sanded and buffed.
Premo Scupley Component Flower Cane
I had fun making these next set of inchies.  I used extruded canes using Premo sculpey purple, white, turquoise and black and layered them over previously baked base.  The final piece was baked, sanded and buffed to a glossy sheen.    
Extruded canes
The inchies that I got from the swap were awesome!  I love the variety of designs.  Thank you, ladies!

There is another Inchie swap coming soon hosted by Ms. Julie Thorpe and I joined 2 groups again.  I have finished 1 set and the other  will be done by the end of this week.

See you next time!

♥  michelle  ♥

Friday, October 4, 2013

[Video Tutorial] Polymer Clay Mold Release Agents: Water or Cornstarch?

Welcome back!
I bought this Poinsettia and Holly Flexible Mold from Penni Jo Couch of Best Flexible Molds.  The most common mold release agents are water and cornstarch powder though others use Armor all.  
I tried not using them but more often than not, the details of the mold were lost when I release them.

In this tutorial, I used cornstarch powder and water as mold release agents.  Both worked pretty well - just remember not to apply too much.

Do you use mold release agents?
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