Wednesday, April 9, 2014

[Events] "Gone Fishing" Party Theme

A couple of weeks ago, we decorated the hall for a 70th birthday celebration with a Fishing Theme.  Oh, we had fun decorating!  We wanted the backdrop to be colorful and fun so we used buntings, a decorative fishing net, a wooden lighthouse wall decor, colored prints of different kinds of fish and photos of the celebrant.  You can see the how to make the buntings HERE. 
Fishing Party Buntings and Decorations

One of his fishing buddies brought a life-size fisherman, complete with waders, fishing poles, nets, etc!  Oh, he looked cute, especially with his hat and shades.  The cake was nicely done and the food was delicious too.
Fishing Party Decorations

These are the centerpieces.  I used tall vases filled with river rocks.  We covered the outside with this beautiful fabric made by Hauptman fabric and tied it with twine.  We added wooden twigs to serve as fishing rods, and tied red and white wobblers with nylon.  Finally, we glued on fish biscuits.  So adorable!
Fishing Party Decors
Oh boy... we had too many parties to attend to in March.  What have you been up to?  Have fun!


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Charming Peggy said...

I love the fishing glasses! How cute they are with the bobbers!