Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Cooking] Japchae - Korean noodle dish

Aneyong haseyo.
Have you ever seen a korean drama?  My husband and I love to watch (and read) because how neat, realistic, funny and educational they are.  We've seen a couple of k-dramas that featured their cuisine thereby influencing our taste buds.

This was my attempt to make Japchae which is a noodle dish.
We have several Filipino noodle dishes, called Pansit but it was my first time to cook using Potato starch noodles.  

Potato starch glasss noodles
Red and green bell pepper
Dehydrated mushrooms, and
Marinated thinly sliced beef.  

Soy sauce, sesame seed oil, salt and pepper to taste.

The procedure is very simple:  saute the beef and cook thoroughly.  
Add the vegetables but do not overcook.
For the noodles, bring water to a boil, add the glass noodles and cook per package instructions.  

Once cooked, add a little sesame seed oil and toss the noodles.

Place the sauteed mixture over the noodles and enjoy!

Enjoy your Korean food trip with a glass of barley tea.  YUM!


Monday, October 15, 2012

[P3 Guild] The Mask has Bloomed!

 The mask has bloomed!  

The gold base served as a nice "neutral" template for these colorful flowers... if you've been reading my blog, you know by now that I love to make use of floral themes.

This is for the princess who's going to the ball.  
Simple. Classy. Feminine.

Time to go dancing!

♥  Michelle  ♥

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[P3 Guild] W.I.P.

I'm so glad you're back!

When I started reading blogs and updates of other artists, I didn't know what "WIP" was.  Funny me but there are just a lot of craft or jewelry jargon  going around and I can't keep up sometimes.

So this is my current Work In Progress, WIP.
I am working on a mask.  Initially, I didn't know where to get one that could hold the weight of whatever I will adhere to it and it should withstand high oven temperature without melting or burning.  This was what I found at Michaels.  It's made out of paper mache or something like that.  I hope it doesn't burn.

I used Adirondak Metallic Acrylic Paint in Gold.  Oh, I love the rich texture!  I am thinking of a Princess going to a masquerade ball wearing a beautiful gown to meet Prince Charming.

Isn't it dramatic?

I decided to let it dry overnight and will start completing the design tomorrow. 

What do you think would be nice to decorate it with?  Beads, polymer clay, wire, flowers, fiber or maybe a little of each?

Come back soon and find out.
Enjoy the rest of the week!

♥  Michelle  ♥  

Monday, October 1, 2012

[Vintaj] "The Beaming Raven" Sept. 2012

Welcome back to Making Jewelry!
I wanted to share with you this necklace that I made for the September 2012 Vintaj Challenge:  "Radiant Raven."   Head over to the VINTAJ BLOG and  cast your vote.  I'm Number 8

This necklace is:  "The Beaming Raven."  

I started with a Vintaj circle blank and used the Deco Emboss folder    .  This was followed by the fun stuff!  I added patina and sealed it with the Vintaj sealer.  It was my first time to use the products and they were really nice - but you have to work fast because it dries up pretty quick.

The necklace is 24 inches in length and has a toggle clasp closure.  I made a tree branch to hang the focal embossed blank using 20g wire with wrapped coral beads.  I wanted the piece to be organic, so I added pearls and ceramic beads that match the color palette.  I love it!

Head over to the Vintaj blog and see what others have made.  While you're there, why don't you cast your vote (wink! wink!)

Have fun!

 Michelle  ♥