Monday, October 3, 2011

Colors of Fall [Polymer Clay Bangle]

I love the colors of fall:  shades of orange, yellow, green and brown.

This bangle is made of mixed colors from Premo sculpey polymer clay.
The piece exudes a warm feeling... to offset the cold and rainy weather of fall.

The polymer clay piece was baked on and secured on a floral metal base.
I love the rustic look.


Rocky said...

very pretty michelle!!:) i saw you in etsy!! congrats on your shop!! I'm so excited to see your designs!! mwah!

The Cabby Crafter said...

thank you Rocky. i am slowly learning from the pros such as you ☺. hugs.

Alice said...

Michelle, I love your bangle! The colors remind me of the wonderful fall mums in my garden.

When I read your blog name I thought is was 'Crabby Crafter'! Ha! Silly me!

Anonymous said...

Love your bracelet. Is the floral metal frame something that you made, or can these be purchased?