Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Bead Soup] Bead Swap!

Time for a bead swap!
The wonderful Ms. Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog hosted a Bead Swap recently.  I was paired with the talented Theresa Buchle of Bead-Mused.  She sent me this wonderful assortment of beads in silver and green tones.  I particularly love the cresecent shaped stones, antique glass beads and the oval agate stones.


The stash that I sent her included an oval floral focal piece made out of polymer clay.  T loved the colors:  olivene and violet (which I also love). 

I included glassbeads and semiprecious stones.  She is a seed -beader so I sent her bags of colorful seed beads.

Premo polymer clay was used in making the floral focal piece.  I had fun making it and I hope she will have fun beading around it.

Her box included a handmade card and a beaded bracelet with unakite stones.  I hope she likes her present.  I can't wait to see what she'd do with what I sent her.

I have several ideas on what to do with the beads that she sent me.
Please come back again to see what I've done.

I love meeting new people and friends in the process of exchanging beads.
Thanks to Lori for hosting this.

Happy beading!

♥  Michelle  ♥

Friday, April 13, 2012

[Beads] Bag of Beads

I have a new crafty obsession these days:  Beaded Bags.
I found these metallic beads during my recent vacation and they are such a beauty!

This purse measures 5x3x1 inch (LxHxW) and can keep an Iphone or any Android phone such as my Motorola Razr.  It can be a small evening purse to hold our lipstick and compact make-up. 
It will fit in your day bag and can also be used as a wallet. 

This is 100% handmade.

I added a sturdy zipper to keep the contents secure. 
The photo above doesn't have an inner lining which makes it easier to see what's inside but I plan to put a black satin lining to add more drama.
It took me 2 hours to complete the project, not bad for a novice.

What's keeping you busy, my friend?

♥  Michelle  ♥

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Impress Art Letter Stamp Set Giveaway

I love buying new tools all the time but it's always a treat to get something for FREE!
PJ Tool's recently announced over 10 new letter stamp sets that come in these delicious and colorful cases.  It would be a great addition to you collection and would make your craft over the top!

Ms. Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog is very kind enough to giveaway this
Ballroom Boogie Impress Art Letter Set.

Ballroom Boogie Impress Art Letter Set

Come and join the fun!  The more the merrier.
Visit Lori's Blog for more details.
Goodluck to us all.

Happy crafting!

♥  Michelle  ♥

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's ParTea Time! [Afternoon Tea Party ala Pinoy Style]

Hello friends!  I have been on a hiatus for the past couple of weeks but I got a lot to share with you
for the next coming days. 
My trip to the Philippines was great!  It's always nice to come home and spend time with family and friends. 
We had a couple of celebrations that stuffed meewith so much food and memories to last a lifetime.

To celebrate the birthdays of my mom and sis, we had an intimate Afternoon Tea Party.
We all love color - bold and bright so with our crafty hands, we made pompoms out of bright colored tissue and Japanese paper (yes, there is such a thing) and hung it on the branches of our avocado tree.
The setting was almost perfect but we had to move the party indoors as it started to rain that afternoon. 
Showers of blessing, so to speak. 

We ordered the merienda (afternoon snack) from Conti's  
It is custom for us to serve a  long noodle dish (such as pancit) during birthdays and special occasions as it connotes long life and when there is pancit, there is lumpia or fried spring rolls.  
There was also beef tapa (beef strips) and mini sandwiches. 

I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and decorated them with Wilton gumpaste flowers.  I placed them on Marth Stewarts cupcake holder and topped it with a boquet of fresh astromeria flowers.

It was a rainy summer day, just right to sip hot tea. 
We had English breakfast tea, Jasmine, Green tea, and an assortment of other teas that we brewed in these cute teapots.

Their birthday cake is from Estrel's bakeshop.  It was a caramel cake with butter icing and flowers. 
I love their cake for it's dainty look, fluffy cake and just-the-right sweetness caramel. 
I added the birthday greeting using Cricut's Beyond Birthdays font.
The guests were asked to wear their Sunday best dress and it was a delight to see them so beautiful. 
My sister hosted the games that included the "Teapot Song" of course and Tea trivia. 

A week later, we had another celebration at Kangaroo Jack restaurant.  Aha, more eating!  This time, we had lechon (roasted pig) that was flown in from the province (Cagayan de Oro).  Cholesterol, baby!

Oh, what a wonderful time it was!
Now that I'm back to my other home with dear husband, I have but memories and photos to remind me of it.
I am so looking forward to my next homecoming.

Blessings to you, my friend!