Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hero Arts August 2011B [Card for Kids]

It is the last day of August 2011 and I made a card to participate in Hero Arts' August contest on
 "Creatures and Cards for Kids."  I used the following polyclear stamp sets in making the card:
Thinking of You and Playful Animals.

The images of the animals were stamped using the masking technique then cut.  I stamped the elephant first, covered it then stamped the giraffe and bear.  I layered this on a background paper with trees and added a scallop die-cut blue frame.  I made the monkey appear as though it is hanging and holding the sentiment : 
"You make me smile.'"

This was then matted with yellow paper and finally placed on the cardstock where I added a green ribbon.
The images were colored using colored pencils. Yeah...I know I don't color well using pencils and  I really envy the way other cardmakers color their projects using copic markers but I have yet to buy my own set.  Perhaps for Christmas - let me whisper that to hubby's ears tonight.

I hope to join more contests these coming months.

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sculpey Satin Glaze [Product Feedback]

I recently bought Sculpey Satin glaze and was very excited to try it on these baked polymer clay creations.  No other finishes such as glitter, paint or chalk were applied. 

The baked polymer clay beads/findings BEFORE applying Sculpey satin glaze

I applied the glaze lightly with a newly opened small brush, just enough to cover the entire surface. 
It appeared glossy right after application so I thought it would become "satin" when entirely dried.
And so I waited and waited... up to more than 45 minutes.
When it was totally dry, it still appeared glossy as seen in this photo.

AFTER applying and completely drying the satin glaze

Now I'm wondering... should it look this way or did I do something wrong?  The Satin glaze that I bought had a turbid or cloudy color - is it supposed to be that way?  Did they mislabel this particular bottle?

It's looks nice but it's just too glossy for the project that I have planned.  I guess I have to sand and buff it hoping that it would come out the way I'd like it to be.

Have you encountered the same challenge as mine? 
What did you do about it?


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mr. Cabby Crafter's Project

Mrs. Cabby Crafter loves to do stuff like handmade cards, jewelry, polymer clay beads and crochet.
She never really had a place to do her crafts and would use her hubby's computer table
or set-up 1 or 2 portable tv dinner tables.
Mr. Cabby Crafter felt so sad for her.

A couple of weeks ago, they went to one of their favorite stores, IKEA, to buy her a table. 
There were so many choices but with dimension issues to consider,
they finally decided on getting a Bjurista table with the retractable side panel.
This gift made her feel so special.

One Sunday afternoon, Mr. Cabby Crafter decided to add shelves.
He grabbed some wood, screws and glue then put it all together.
The variety of powertools in his workshop awed her
especially when the piece was finished in just under 2 hours.

After the piece was sanded, stained and dried, it was ready to use!
I love how he designed it such a way that I can put the mostly used containers within my reach.
There are still stuff under the table for my other gadgets and storage bins but I am happy.
This is totally my craft corner for now...
though I am wishing that I would have 4 spacious craft corners pretty soon.
Happy crafting!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

For the Boy in Him [50th Birthday Card]

It's always a challenge for me to make a handmade card for men probably because most of my stamps are "girly."  I wanted to make a card for a dear cousin, who is truly a genntleman, celebrating his 50th birthday.

During our recent cardmaking spree, my sister-in-law had fishing stamps.  I stamped images of a boat, dock, fishing rod and fish.  Since I couldn't find where the fishing rod and fish were, here is what I came up with.

I used a dark green cardstock for the base and added a background paper (BP) using paper from DCWV Green stack.  I love the organic feel of the BP - nature, water, environment, etc.
I stamped the images using Memento Rich Cocoa and colored them with colored pencils.  The images were cut-out, placed on a beige oval matte and accented with stitching.  Finally, the four corners were rounded.

Our cousin is a very kind-hearted, well-mannered gentleman who loves God with all his heart, mind, sould and strength. 
He also loves fishing and playing video games... yup, even at 50! 
Happy birthday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purple Floral Locket

Today's project is a locket adorned with polymer clay and other beads.
Polymer clays used:  Premo Sculpey in lavender, violet and black and white (to make gray).
Techniques used:  embossing with texture plate, polymer clay caning.

The polymer clay component of the locket was made by adding flower canes to the grey base and later embossed using a Sculpey texture plate.  It was baked and secured to the metal locket.

The back cover of the locket is lavender with a textured surface and labeled "cc" for cabbycraft.
The locket measures 3 cm in diameter. 
This is attached to a silver chain measuring 25 inches.

100% handmade with love and joy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iris card

Have you had days when you didn't plan anything put ended up doing so much and having fun at it?
I've had one today.
My in-laws and I were able to play with rubber stamps and embossing (my obsession).  I wanted to make 2 cards - one for a lady and a gentleman.

There were so many rubber stamps to choose from so after stamping, I used Crayola colored pencils to add  color and depth.
I decided to make a feminine card so I die cut and embossed a scallop shape and made a frame for the image.  What do you think about the cut out tip of the iris?  I find it really neat and makes the image literally pop-out of the frame.

Have you been making cards too?  Have fun!

Friday, August 12, 2011

...Of cards, rubber stamps, inks and more

It's almost mid-August and for us who love making handmade cards and things, it's time to think and start making them.  My in-laws and I started our first cardmaking session for this year.  It was nice to open my stock of stamps, paper and inks once again after a long hiatus.
I worked on a slow pace but I'm happy that I was able to come up with 2 cards: a 'birthday' and a 'missing you' card. It was a good start.
 There is a lot of thought and effort in making handmade cards, gifts and goodies. 
So the next time someone sends or gives you one, be very thankful and try to appreciate their work.  Remember that you are given something uniquely handmade.
 To my fellow crafters, keep on making them.  As I always say,
"May your creative juices overflow!"
Happy crafting!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beauty in Asymmetry

I love how asymmetrical necklaces bring a more feminine appearance to its wearer. 
The focal point of this necklace is the pink rose measuring 3.5 cm accented with a swarowski pearl in the center.  It is 100% handmade using oven-baked polymer clay and was set on a brass filigree.

The chain is 22 inches long with a brass lobster clasp and was made using junmprings interspersed with 10mm white faux pearls and 6mm pink crystals.
This necklace would go well with your plain shirt or that lacy blouse hanging in your closet for a casual lunch or a more formal dinner date.
100% handmade with love and joy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


It is always fun when the FedEx truck drops a package on our doorstep.  Yay! 
 I received my new books on Polymer Clay today.  Oh yeah, the clay bug has bit me. 
There are a variety of projects, from simple to intricate.  I can't wait to play with my clay and come up with new designs.
Happy claying!