Sunday, September 23, 2012

Travertine Tile Coasters

Welcome back!  It was a fun and hectic weekend for Mr. C and me.  We joined neighborhood street sale for the first time!  It was nice to meet our neighbors and sell some items as well.  More on that on a future post.

I would like to share with you a DIY project:  Travertine Tile Coasters.  You can see a lot of these in blogs or pinterest and though it's quite simple to make, it looks beautiful.
Materials:  1.  Travertine Tile 4x4 inches - It is best to use travertine tile (tumbled tile) for this project versus shiny ceramic tiles.  The tiles come in 9 pieces but some of them had more and bigger 'craters' in them, which also adds character.
2.  Solvent ink pad and rubber stamp cleaner.  StazOn solvent inks work best for this project as they are nicely absorbed by the material.
3.  Rubber stamps 
4.  Cork - to be used as backing.
5.  Cyanoacrylate glue

Procedures (kindly refer to the photo collage):
1.  Figure out your design and choose a nice stamp.  I used a sentiment and a vine stamp.
2.  Apply StazOn ink liberally and carefully stamp the tile.  Avoid "rocking" the rubber stamp instead press firmly.
Allow to completely dry.
3.  While waiting for the ink to dry, cut a cork sheet a little smaller than the tile.
4.  Use cyanoacrylate glue to attach it to the base of the tile.  Allow to dry for several hours to make sure it is secure.
5.  Your tile is ready to use!
I didn't apply a sealer anymore.  Gina K of StampTV said that it is permanent and water proof.  Well, I had to prove it to myself.  I ran tap water over it and true enough. the ink stayed crisp!

Try making these.  Have fun and share your project with me.

Have a blessed week ahead!

♥  Michelle  


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Thanks for sharing...I will make some!

Anonymous said...

Thats great and it sounds pretty easy! Thanks for sharing Michelle :)