Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge of Music: "Sampaguita" by Dolores Paterno

Welcome to Erin of Treasures Found and Tesori Trovati's
Challenge of Music Blog Hop!

I had fun with this challenge. We were asked to listen to whatever music that we liked and to be inspired to create a piece of jewelry. Different types of music brings about different moods in us. There are days when I love creating with dance music and there are times when I prefer the soft, soothing sound of the guitar.

There are many great Filipino classical guitar artists such as Angelo Favis and Michael Dadap.  Professor Favis is an Associate Professor of the Deapartment of Music of the Illinois State University where he teaches classical guitar. He has been given several accolades and is known in the music industry worldwide. I heard his CD Philippine Treasures through my brother in Australia. His CD albums (Philippine Treasures Vol. 1 and 2) consist of traditional Filipino folk and love songs.

Professor Dadap is the artist / music director and conductor of The Children's Orchestra Society in New York since 1984. He is also highly recognized in the field of classical guitar. He has performed worldwide and is a "passionate folklorist and advocate of music in the Philippines."

Filipino traditional folk songs and love songs are nice to listen too. Most of the love songs are so melodramatic to the point of being a martyr in the name of love. I love the song "Sampaguita" composed by Dolores Paterno. The song describes the flower as a symbol of purity. It talks of the love of a woman for her lover who passed away, her tears fall like sampaguita buds. I told you... the songs are melodramatic.

The Sampaguita is the Philippine's National Flower. The flower is white in color and it has a scent similar to Jasmine. Nowadays, it is being used in the perfume and spa industry.

Watch this Youtube Video to hear the intrumental version by Prof. Dapdap and learn more about Traditional Filipino culture. The paintings in the video were made by one of our famous artists, Fernando Amorsolo.

Sampaguita flowers are commonly used in making leis. 
This was my inpiration in designing this piece:  "Sampaguita Necklace."
I made the white flowers using Premo white, yellow and olive green polymer clays.
The flower was laid on a filigree base.
To depict the "lei effect,"  I place the 3 flowers together, added crystal rondelles and a two way toggle clasp.  The two way toggle clasp gives detail to the design and at the same time creates a longer chain. 
The necklace measures 27 to 30.5 inches.

And now it's time to listen to more music and see more beautiful jewelry.
Let's take a big LEAP and hop on to other amazing bloggers!
Have fun!

Michelle Escano-Caballero - YOU ARE HERE

Shaiha Williams

♥  Michelle 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chained Heart [P3 Valentine Challenge]

The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild's Valentine 2012 Challenge was to create a heart with a steampunk theme.
What is Steampunk?  Google the word and Wikipedia will give you this description:

  "Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s.  Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually Victorian era Britain or "Wild West"-era United States—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy."

There are many artists who make beautiful steampunk accessories.  They make use of those oh so tiny watch gears and other metal products in their works.  It is very fascinating.

This was my P3 Steampunk submission:

There were 2 different colors of Premo polymer clay:  Burnt umber and Alizarin Crimson. 
The tip of the heart was twisted and wrapped with a small-gauged chain.
I added a brass metal gear and secured it with wire.  The background texture was stamped and colored with mica powders and paint.  The blue and white petal is from a millefiori cane.
The back was textured as well.

The concept of the piece is very timely for lent but essentially, it's a message that is fit for any season.
I am a Christian and allow me to share this with you:
The key to being free from the chains and bondage of sin is to put our complete trust in God.
Only then can we have a heart that is pure and white as snow.

Have a blessed day, my friend!

♥  Michelle 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party Update

Hello friends!

Let me show you what my partner Melissa Meman of Melismatic gave me:

I love how she made the mixed metals clasp and focal piece. 
The enameled beads are gorgeous!  I saw these beads on her Etsy store and literally craved for them.  It feels so nice to actually have them with me now, sitting on my table waiting to be used.

The Czech glass beads/leaves were lovely too.  I started doing wirework when I realized that I haven't taken a photo of it so pardon my little wires sticking out of the beads.  What do you think about the Artisan beads by Reghina?  Nice, eh?
I'm excited to use all of these.  I'm thinking of making a bracelet and a necklace.

Stay tuned.

Happy beading!

♥  Michelle 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

It's that time of year when we celebrate Valentine's Day.
For most people, it's just another ordinary day but to others, it's a special day to be with someone you love.  It's that time of year when men flock to the card section to buy their wife or lovedone a nice card to accompany their boquet of flowers.  My husband was one of them... and I truly appreciate him for all his effort.

I had a hunch that he bought me flowers last night and kept it somewhere.  I teased him about it and he didn't seem to react differently.   He leaves for work at 5 am and when I woke up to bid him goodbye, caramba! - there was a pink card and a boquet of flowers on my craft table.

The card reads:
"To my wife on Valentine's Day...
I think we're kind of llike the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
We belong together...
And putting our different pieces together is a lot of fun." 

Oh, I had a good laugh and I have to give credit to him for always choosing the right card.

I made him this handmade card. I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder to emboss the background, rubber stamps, distress inks and paper.
The heart wreath was embossed with clear detail though it doesn't show it's beauty in the photo.

There were no special expensive dinner dates for us but we are happy just to be together.
Cheesy.. I know.

I hope your day was filled with the warmth and love of family and friends.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

♥  Michelle 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Challenge of Music [Tesori Trovati Challenge]

Have you noticed that music plays a big part in setting our mood?
Picture yourself having dinner by candlelight with your loved one and a background music of soft tones and romantic melodies.  Or being in a fun party where '80's music is played.

Do you play music to set your crafting or creative mood? If you do, I have great news for you!

I will be participating in Erin of Tesori Trovati's Music Challenge. Join us in celebrating the Leap Year by blog hopping with us on February 29, 2012.

In her blog, Erin about a study done by a Psychologist from Cambridge University on Music and how it (almost) parallels our personality.
Watch this video clip to have an idea what it's all about:  Cambridge University:  "The Music in Me."

So come back on February 29 for a day fun and surprises!
There will be lots of music and music-inspired jewelry.  I can't wait to see and read what other jeweller-bloggers come up with.  It will be very interesting.
See you soon!  Have a safe, healthy and blessed week!

Happy crafting!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Philippine Polymer Clay Guild Apatchies Challenge [Inchies: Feb 2012]

I love design challenges and as a newbie in the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild, I joined my first challenge with them.  The theme was:  "The Apatchies Challenge'"

We were tasked to make four "Inchie's" that would best describe our style as an artist.  What is an Inchie, you might ask.  An inchie is a 1x1 inch sized clay with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm.

These is my "Inchie Quartet."

These inchies show my love for Floral themes.  I used different techniques such as millefiori caning, Donna Kato's component caning, texturing, molding, and mixed media art.  Each inchie represents different styles and shows a variety of materials such as mica powder, paint and gloss.

Visit us at Facebook:  Philippine Polymer Clay Guild.

Happy crafting!


Monday, February 6, 2012

The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild

Happy Monday, friends!  I have exciting news to share with you:  I am now a proud member of the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild!

The guild is composed of Filipino polymer clay artists who share the same principles and visions.  It's objectives are as follows:
1.  Build a community
2.  Promote respect
3.  Educate
4.  Produce high quality work
5.  Uphold local Pinoy (Filipino) talent.

It feels great to be part of a group of creative artists.  Some of them have been featured in local TV shows, local and international magazines, and recognized by Ms. Cynthia Tinapple of Polymer Clay Daily, Craft Gossip and more.  I was encouraged to join the guild after being encouraged by my polymer clay teacher and after being a "silent liker" of their FB page for a few months, I decided it was time for me to join.  I love that the members have a good sense of camaraderie.  They have a lot of activities and challenges that feature different themes - their works can get very interesting.

Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE or click on our logo to see and read more about the super talented members of the guild.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Bead Soup for Melissa [Bead Soup Blog Party 2012]

Hello all and welcome back to The Cabby Crafter!

A few blogs ago, I shared with you the good news that I was randomly chosen to be part of
Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  Yay!
I sent out my bead soup for my dear partner Melissa just in time last Jan. 31 and the USPS certified mail today confirmed that it has arrived its destination.

This was my bead soup for her.  TADA!

Lori, the diva of the Bead Soup Party, required us to send a focal bead and a special clasp. 
I gave Melissa one of my polymer clay floral pendants that was set on a brass filigree.  I tried to make an original wire wrapped clasp but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be and instead, I sent her 2 brass toggle clasps.  I also included coordinating cloissone beads, red beads, german crystals and brass bead spacers.

She will be receiving a special handmade card as well.  I am glad to have found a new friend who is a
very talented artist.

I can't wait to find out what she'll make out of these.
Visit The Cabby Crafter again to see what her bead soup was for me... I'm so eager to find out too.

Have a great weekend!

♥  Michelle