Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Cake Pops [A&S Birthday]

A couple of weeks ago, I made a blog on Bakerella and her book Cake Pops.  She was so creative and ingenious to have come up with such a concept that has and is still sweeping the world of desserts.  There are many blog sites raving about cake pops so I thought of trying it out.
Most of the instructions call for a boxed cake:  I chose Duncan Hines Red Velvet and made Cream cheese frosting to bind it.  After the crumbling, mixing, rolling and chilling, it was time for the fun part... coating with chocolate!  I took chocolate molding lessons several years ago and I never thought I will be able to use it again.
Steps to making Cake Pops

It was my first time to use Wilton candy melts and it was relatively easy: it melted easily and the consistency was just right.  I used Wilton decorations as well.  Here it is:

My first Cake Pops Creation
Decors:  Wilton
Letters:  Cricut -  Basic George

Making cake pops is therapeutic and tedious, requiring lots of sterility, patience and creativity.  It is great making people smile and be happy. 

Overall, I guess one should skip drinking soda during a party and reserve the sugar high for 2 cake pops which would be enough to satisfy their craving.
Have fun!


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Lili said...

oiy! galeng!

im even scared to attempt making them ;))