Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sculpey Satin Glaze [Product Feedback]

I recently bought Sculpey Satin glaze and was very excited to try it on these baked polymer clay creations.  No other finishes such as glitter, paint or chalk were applied. 

The baked polymer clay beads/findings BEFORE applying Sculpey satin glaze

I applied the glaze lightly with a newly opened small brush, just enough to cover the entire surface. 
It appeared glossy right after application so I thought it would become "satin" when entirely dried.
And so I waited and waited... up to more than 45 minutes.
When it was totally dry, it still appeared glossy as seen in this photo.

AFTER applying and completely drying the satin glaze

Now I'm wondering... should it look this way or did I do something wrong?  The Satin glaze that I bought had a turbid or cloudy color - is it supposed to be that way?  Did they mislabel this particular bottle?

It's looks nice but it's just too glossy for the project that I have planned.  I guess I have to sand and buff it hoping that it would come out the way I'd like it to be.

Have you encountered the same challenge as mine? 
What did you do about it?


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Stephanie said...

I use gloss and have yet to try satin. I'm actually about to use it right now. If you want email me if you're interested in seeing gloss and satin right next to one another