Wednesday, September 21, 2011

His & Her's ArtBin Sidekick

Last week, I wrote about hubby's Macho Crafting and his new ArtBin Sidekick for his paints.

HIS ArtBin
He bought me one too and I am obsessed with it!
It's now my clay caddy and is home to my polymer clay blocks,
tiles, tools, blades, inks, pastels, stamps, brushes and more.
I like being able to take the tray out of the box, making it easy to choose and change colors.
The tray can fit 42 blocks of 2 oz polymer clays.

The funny thing about enjoying different crafts is that I get to organize them separately but at the same time, I can interchange tools and materials such as stamps and inks.

Don't you love organizing?

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Donna Cruz-Comia said...

Wow, you are so organized Michelle, I so envy you :)