Friday, November 30, 2012

[Baking] Canonigo / Ile Flottante

Are you one of those who find themselves in the dessert table more than the sumptuous buffet spread?
If you are, I would like to welcome you to the club, my club!

I particularly love creamy desserts and one of them is a Filipino dessert called:  "Canonigo."  My first taste of it was in a Spanish restaurant in the Philippines called "Alba's" where they served it with sweet mango balls. It is made of a soft, egg white based cake (meringue) that is topped with a creamy custard.  The French have a similar dessert called "Ile Flottante" or floating island.  I don't know where the dessert originated but I am just thankful to them for coming up with it!

This post tells about my first attempt and it was pretty good.  
This recipe is from Nora and Mariles Daza, with a few revisions (*).

Ingredients:      Meringue        8 eggwhites
                                              1/2 cup white sugar
                                              1/2 teaspoon baking powder

                        Caramelized sugar            1 cup white sugar
                                                                1/2 cup hot water

                        Custard          8 eggyolks
                                              1 cup evaporated milk
                                              1/4 cup white sugar (*)
                                              1 tsp vanilla extract
                                              1/4 cup rum (*)

I caramelized the sugar first.  Just be super careful in pouring the hot water when the sugar has completely melted and changed color - it will bubble.

I used 2 loaf pans but you can use any pan with a solid base.  Line the pans with the caramelized sugar and butter.

In a bowl, beat the eggwhites (I used an electric handheld mixer) until soft peaks form.  Gradually add the sugar and baking powder and beat until the eggwhites are very stiff.  Gently pour the meringue in the molds halfway and bake in a pan with water at 350F for about 30 minutes or until brown.

The custard sauce is cooked using a double broiler.  Whisk and cook the eggyolks, sugar and milk until it thickens.  Add the vanilla and rum last.   Serve on the side.

Try it out and share your wonderful stories with me. 
 Warning:  You definitely have to share this deliciousness with others.

Have fun!  

 Michelle  ♥                                     

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