Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[Jewelry] Carousel Necklace

Do you have fond memories of carousels?  
I remember the first time I saw how brightly lit and colorful it was... and then, i recall how tightly I held on the handle bar - scared to my guts of falling.  Oh, how they looked so huge  back then.  It was just dreamy or rather hypnotic with the music going on and on while the carousel goes round and round.

Carousel pendant

Flash forward a couple of decades later... My most recent memory is when my husband and I went to The House on the Rock - have you been there?  Oh my... the carousel was amazing, jaw dropping and spooky with all the dolls and mannequins staring at you.
Mother or pearl discs, semi precious stones and rondelle crystals

This necklace is definitely a conversation piece!  It combines the playful carousel and the elegance of mother-of-pearl discs, semi-precious stones and crystals.
Carousel Necklace
Do you have fond memories of your childhood?  Do share...
♥  Michelle  ♥

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