Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Floral Pendant [Component Caning Technique]

Have you heard of the Component Caning Technique by Donna Kato?
I learned about it through HGTV and was excited to try it out.

As a newbie in polymer clay, I am anxious about polymer clay caning and millefiori techniques
I think I have to replace the word anxious to a tad LAZY.

I made a skinner blend using Premo' white and blush clay. 
Then I made a bullseye cane, cut it in half and made tear drop shapes.
These segments were laid side by side to form "one petal."

To assmeble the pendant, instead of using gold clay as the base as in Donna Kato's HGTV tutorial, I conditioned and rolled Premo' black clay in the thickest setting and positioned the thinly cut segements of the petal to form the flower. 

Donna Kato discussed component caning technique extensively in her HGTV tutorial.

To complete the necklace, I added a gold chain with cloissone beads, black crystal and tiger eye beads to complement this black-white-pink pendant.


I like the simplicity and beauty of this technique.

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