Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twist and Turn [Makin's Clay Extruder Tutorial]

Yay!  I have a new tool for my polymer clay adventure:  a Makin's Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder.  There are many blogs and articles on different brands of clay extruders, stating the pros and cons between the brands.  I was surprised to read that for some brands you have to get a caulking gun to help extrude the clay.  When I saw and read about the Makin's clay extruder, I decided to give it a try.

The Makin's extruder is color green and has a ridged surface which aids your grip during use.  It includes 20 discs with different shapes including square, round, flat, and screen discs.  You can use it to make hair, ribbon, weaving, beads, etc.

I have always wondered how to make canes without having to mix too many clays, rolling, reducing, etc.
Here's a tutorial on how to do that using a clay extruder. 

First, condition different colors of clay (I used Premo' turquoise, alizarin crimson, black and beige clay) and cut them with a round cutter. 
Put them inside the clean  barrel of the clay extruder and use a square disc.  Extrude the clay and be amazed at the color combinations.


You should see my face when I saw the resulting color combo.  This was an awesome technique.

Do come back to see what I've made with these pretty babies.

Happy crafting!


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Tammie E said...

Thanks for a great & concise explanation. Hope you don't mind that I added it to my Pinterest.