Saturday, October 1, 2011

Green Day [Molding with Leaves]

Making molds..  that's what I wanted to do next.

So I bought a Sculpey mold maker but I found it too sticky to use for molding leaves and other delicate materials.  It didn't copy the details as I expected.  
After doing some research, I learned from several authors that Sculpey Bake and Bend  can be used. 
Off to the store I went.

On the day of my experiment, I gathered a couple of leaves:  a fern and a small hibiscus leaf.
I got a piece of clay, conditioned, placed it on a parchment paper and then rolled it 5-UNO cards thick - ohhhh, I love these tiny UNO party giveaway cards that only measure 1 x 1.5 inches.  So cute!  It makes my clay look huge!

I dusted the clay with a little powder and layed the leaf with the wrong side against the clay to have a nice imprint of the veins.  This was then rolled one-way (from top to bottom) twice.

I love the way the clay copied the design.  Can you see the detail? It was just the way I wanted it.
These were baked on the same parchment paper according to manufacturers instructions.
They came out nice and flexible.

My mind is zoning with the ideas and projects for these molds.
Until next time... Happy claying!

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